2019 Assistant Professional Coaches

Kim Geil, PhD


After watching her father be miserable for much of his working life, and seeing the effects that had on her and her family, Kim has chosen a different path. She is the founder of Coaching Heights, a coaching business that specializes in helping people learn how to make their jobs better, or figure out if it is time to leave their job and move on. She also spends her summers in Grand Teton National Park, WY, where she facilitates soft skills and leadership training for the 70+ guides at Exum Mountain Guides and helps run the office. Through Coaching Heights she offers workshops, group coaching programs, and one-on-one coaching packages, so that she can help as many people as possible not have to go through what her father and her family did.

Kim has a B.A. in Sociology from Stanford University, and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Research on Teaching from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her research focused on burnout and engagement among teachers and transformative professional development opportunities. Her coaching training is through MentorCoach, and she is on the board of directors of the Sacramento Association for Talent Development (ATD) chapter. She competes every year with a same-sex ballroom dance formation team, and has climbed the Grand Teton four times.

Kelly J. Mobeck


As a Professional Coach & Facilitator, Kelly brings her 25 plus years experience in the business world to her work as a coach and facilitator. She has coached individuals in the areas of personal and professional development for over 18 years. Her expertise lies in the areas of enhanced self-knowledge and creativity, authentic leadership, communication skills, interpersonal effectiveness, professional strategic planning, and creating practices that support work-life harmony. Kelly has worked with CEO’s and professionals in a range of industries including sales, public relations, advertising, financial services, technology, and entrepreneurs.

Gita Romano

Gita Romano

Gita Romano is an author, national public speaker, certified life coach and certified relationship Coach. Under her pen name, Claire Fontaine, she has co-written two memoirs with her daughter Mia, the bestselling ComeBack, about helping Mia overcome sexual and drug abuse, and Have Mother, Will Travel, an exploration of the mother/adult daughter relationship, in the US and globally.

Her coaching focuses on personal transformation and creating intentional, meaningful relationships–with yourself, with others and with life. Other areas of coaching focus on motherhood and the mother/adult daughter relationship.

Gita has degrees in film, design and art history and is currently balancing her coaching with writing a novel.

Mindy K. Lake

Mindy K Lake


Mindy is President and Founder of Mindy K Lake Coaching. In her 10 years of coaching she has been consistently recognized for her coaching style, clear communication skills, and the results her clients achieve. Mindy is a champion for creating powerful experiences and results that leave a lasting impact and connection with her clients.

Throughout the coaching process, she challenges and teaches individuals, couples, and business executives to look beyond the obvious and identify barriers as well as recognize all possibilities to achieve success. Coach Mindy is engaging, thought-provoking and insightful, guiding you to think beyond the expected and consider various angles to define your personal and professional purpose. She works closely with her clients to organize a plan of action with a focus on fulfilling professional and personal goals and dreams.

Candy McKinley Cole

Candy McKinley-Cole

I have been certified as a performance coach since 2004, and further certified as a leadership coach and in relationship coaching. I love working with individuals as they move toward achieving their goals and more than they thought was possible.

I am constantly looking for ways to sharpen my own saw as it were, in order to strengthen my skills as a coach.NLP has been an area I have concentrated my studies for over the last 14 years. I am certified as an NLP Trainer with a Health certification.

I have found that NLP has been a vehicle that has assisted my clients in seeing possibilities, where there had been none, gaining deeper rapport, creating and sustaining new wanted behaviors, and broadening their communication skills. NLP is all about updating our map of reality. NLP truly is that key that can unlock many of the mysteries our brains hold in an easy while effective manner.

I am also certified as a Facilitative Coach and have facilitated many diverse small groups and virtual retreats covering topics including a Hero’s Journey, Change and unwrapping the gift of you.
My background includes over 40 years in health care, in various clinical and administrative settings as a Registered Nurse. My education includes a Master of Science in Nursing Administration, and 2 years post masters as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

I love to stretch what might be possible for myself and others. I have been down to 110 feet scuba diving and jumped out of a perfectly good plane at 18000 feet.
I am grateful to have trained with many experts in coaching and NLP including Barbara Fagan, Lou Dozier, Nadine Cooper, Tim Hallbom, Susie Smith, Steve Andreas and Robert Dilts.

Evelyn “Rose” Solórzano

Evelyn “Rose” Solorzano is an advocate for social change and assists families to shift their culture in relationship to one another. Her coaching style has been lovingly referred to as “ The Velvet Hammer” hitting hard with wisdom and truth yet landing softly with respect and joy. She brings a wealth of wisdom and knowledge from a lifetime of psychological studies, professional training, and personal triumphs over a multitude of traumatic experiences of her own.

Trained by internationally acclaimed Master coaches for 7 years she became part of pioneering the thriving coaching industry as it is known today. After 15 years of private coaching, she responded to requests to provide professional counseling services by expanding her skills and becoming a Licenced Marriage and Family Therapist. She continues to grow her passion as a Ph.D. Candidate in Clinical Psychology from Meridian University concentrated on Transformative Leadership and Social Artistry.

  • Awarded 3 professional certifications as a Performance, Relationship, and Family Coach
  • Awarded 2 professional certifications as a Transformative Facilitator
  • Pioneer of a Family support group with international reach, recognition, and support.
  • Fundraised thousands through international events to support the edification of families.

She currently serves as President and CEO to a non-profit organization, Kinship Development, dedicated to building thriving communities by empowering family systems to change lives through joyful contribution, support, and collaboration.

Wade King


Wade served in the United States Marine Corps and held a top secret clearance until receiving an honorable discharge in 1983.

Wade and Laura have been married since 1986, and have raised three wonderful children.
In 1993, Wade started Drivelines Inc, (drivelinesinc.com) and developed an outstanding reputation through consistent quality, honesty, and service.

Wade is a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Certified Health and Master NLP Practitioner, and A Certified Professional Performance Coach.

Kathleen Torres

Kathleen Torres

Kathleen is an Organization Development Consultant and Leadership and Performance Coach who partners with business owners, leaders and coaches with powerful intentions to create transformational change.

With over 25 years’ experience as a consultant and coach, Kathleen is known for her grounded presence, compassionate perspectives, refined observations and her ability to engage clients in thought-provoking dialogue that generates greater clarity, accountability and resourcefulness to create truly extraordinary results.

As a McLaren Coaching guest coach, you can count on Kathleen to be focused and intentional, and a powerful stand for what you have declared to BE, DO and HAVE personally and professionally.