2020 Assistant Professional Coaches

Permanent Staff Coaches, 2020

Joan Virginia Allen

Joan Virginia Allen

Joan Virginia Allen graduated from the inaugural class of McLaren Coaching – Transformative Coaching Essentials 2019. She is a certified professional Dynamic Aging coach. Her purpose is to explore, inspire and empower possibilities as we grow older. Her mission is to facilitate change – in herself, others, the world and the Universe.

Joan is a retired elder law and estate planning attorney. She founded and coordinated three county-wide multidisciplinary teams in California to facilitate services to victims of financial elder abuse. She is a Nutritious Movement(r) certified Restorative Exercise Specialist and has taught these practices since 2009. She is a Toastmasters International Accredited Speaker and is looking forward to using these skills to share the value of coaching with others.

She is the co-author of the book Dynamic Aging: Simple Exercises for Whole-Body Mobility, and the creator and primary author of the blog Dynamic Aging 4 Life www.dynamicaging4life.com.

Alexis Bernard

Alexis has an MS in Organizational Leadership and an MA in Counseling Psychology and is currently working towards licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She has spent the past nineteen years working for a local non-profit providing mental health services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness and living with a severe and persistent mental illness. Alexis envisions a world in which every human has access to the resources they need to live their best life. In 2018 she was offered the opportunity to take part in Transformative Coaching Essentials to become a professional coach and immediately accepted the challenge – seeing coaching as an incredibly important tool to support both organizations and individuals with moving forward and achieving their stated outcomes. Alexis’ coaching focuses on supporting women to explore their possibility and potential. As a woman she understands the way that media and societal norms impact the lives of women – the struggle to be true to oneself while also trying to live up to an impossible image of what a woman should be. She also understands the joy and challenges of being a mother, daughter, sister, friend, and wife and is passionate about supporting women in their chosen roles.

Assistant Staff Coaches, 2020

Alexandria Goff

Alexandria Goff

Alexandria (Ali) Goff is the founder and owner of Goff Legal, PC and is a certified results based coach.

Ali grew up in Placer County, graduated from Sacramento State with her bachelor’s degree and from the University of California, Davis with her Juris Doctorate, and was certified as a coach from McLaren Coaching’s Transformative Coaching Essentials program.

As a performance coach, she focuses on coaching individual clients who are business owners who want to grow their businesses or find the balance between their business and their life. As a coach, she is direct, easy to talk to, and takes a stand for her clients.

Ali also owns BAWLR (Bad Ass Women Lawyers’ Retreat) a transformational retreat for women lawyers. The retreats offer a unique opportunity for women lawyers to be coached in a group setting with other attorneys so that they can recharge, learn how to take care of themselves, and have tools and support to make the changes they want in their lives and careers.

Lauren Bernadett

Lauren Bernadett

Lauren Bernadett is a law and policy specialist in agriculture, water, and farmland conservation. She works for American Farmland Trust, a national nonprofit, on farmland protection and promoting environmentally sound farming practices. On the side, Lauren maintains a solo law firm to serve needs unmet by traditional private practice and provide pro bono legal services.

Separate from her nonprofit and legal work, Lauren coaches professionals in figuring out what they really want from their career and aligning their lives with that vision. After living the traditional law firm life for the first part of her career, Lauren is acutely familiar with the “stuckness” that many professionals experience and saw firsthand how coaching empowers change. She is passionate about helping her clients develop awareness and the ability to thrive according to their own standards.

For fun, Lauren runs. A lot. She set her personal marathon record of 3 hours and 21 minutes at the California International Marathon and will run the Boston Marathon in 2020.

Andrea Voirin

Andrea Voirin

After 17 years in banking, Andrea obtained her initial coaching certification in 2007 and later certified as a relationship and leadership coach. Since then, she has used and sharpened her coaching skills in many different and creative ways. Initially she was involved and enjoyed training new coaches. Her love for coaching groups lead to the development and facilitation of two classes at her local community college. One with a focus on coaching for supervisors and managers, teaching the importance of motivating and establishing a collaborative culture. The other one focused on relationships.

In 2014, Andrea joined a start-up company in San Francisco, where she managed a group of international employees, implemented a mentoring program, taught basic coaching skills, and pioneered the launch of the company’s intercultural communication program. Andrea currently lives in Chicago, works for the German Government and contracts with a US-based website as a bilingual health coach.

Margee Jaeger

Margee is an experienced professional working in both the private and public sector. In her current role she leads a team of 6 Business Solutions Analysts who work interdepartmentally to facilitate both effectiveness and efficiency. She has over 15 years’ experience in corporate America as a Managing Director in Information Technology, Process Improvement and Corporate Training. She is a certified trainer/facilitator who has led workshops on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Integrity Solution’s customer service program, Integrity Service. Margee has a thoughtful, curious style which allows her to easily create rapport with colleagues and workshop participants.

Margee is an out-of-the-box thinker who illuminates the potential of her colleagues and helps them discover unique and powerful strategies for success. As a result of the Six Sigma process improvement program that she introduced and mentored at a Financial Services Provider, the company was able to record a savings of over $450,000 in one year.

Tim Stephenson

Tim Stephenson

Tim Stephenson is a certified performance coach, musician, and educator in the Sacramento area. His purpose is to Inspire through creativity and passion, and he seeks to implement this into all that he does.

Tim is certified from McLaren Coaching and completed his training in 2019. With his clients, Tim is known for creating a comfortable, safe environment to connect and hold open possibility.

Mindy K. Lake

Mindy K. Lake


Mindy is President and Founder of Mindy K Lake Coaching. In her 10 years of coaching she has been consistently recognized for her coaching style, clear communication skills, and the results her clients achieve. Mindy is a champion for creating powerful experiences and results that leave a lasting impact and connection with her clients.

Throughout the coaching process, she challenges and teaches individuals, couples, and business executives to look beyond the obvious and identify barriers as well as recognize all possibilities to achieve success. Coach Mindy is engaging, thought-provoking and insightful, guiding you to think beyond the expected and consider various angles to define your personal and professional purpose. She works closely with her clients to organize a plan of action with a focus on fulfilling professional and personal goals and dreams.

Kelly J. Mobeck


As a Professional Coach & Facilitator, Kelly brings her 25 plus years experience in the business world to her work as a coach and facilitator. She has coached individuals in the areas of personal and professional development for over 18 years. Her expertise lies in the areas of enhanced self-knowledge and creativity, authentic leadership, communication skills, interpersonal effectiveness, professional strategic planning, and creating practices that support work-life harmony. Kelly has worked with CEO’s and professionals in a range of industries including sales, public relations, advertising, financial services, technology, and entrepreneurs.

Candy McKinley Cole

Candy McKinley-Cole

I have been certified as a performance coach since 2004, and further certified as a leadership coach and in relationship coaching. I love working with individuals as they move toward achieving their goals and more than they thought was possible.

I am constantly looking for ways to sharpen my own saw as it were, in order to strengthen my skills as a coach.NLP has been an area I have concentrated my studies for over the last 14 years. I am certified as an NLP Trainer with a Health certification.

I have found that NLP has been a vehicle that has assisted my clients in seeing possibilities, where there had been none, gaining deeper rapport, creating and sustaining new wanted behaviors, and broadening their communication skills. NLP is all about updating our map of reality. NLP truly is that key that can unlock many of the mysteries our brains hold in an easy while effective manner.

I am also certified as a Facilitative Coach and have facilitated many diverse small groups and virtual retreats covering topics including a Hero’s Journey, Change and unwrapping the gift of you.
My background includes over 40 years in health care, in various clinical and administrative settings as a Registered Nurse. My education includes a Master of Science in Nursing Administration, and 2 years post masters as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

I love to stretch what might be possible for myself and others. I have been down to 110 feet scuba diving and jumped out of a perfectly good plane at 18000 feet.
I am grateful to have trained with many experts in coaching and NLP including Barbara Fagan, Lou Dozier, Nadine Cooper, Tim Hallbom, Susie Smith, Steve Andreas and Robert Dilts.

Shannon Stone

Shannon Stone

Shannon Stone, is a CFP® (Certified Financial Planner), Certified Performance and Family Coach and Client Advisor for DHR Investment Counsel in Oakland, CA. She works with individuals, couples and families in reaching their goals for retirement, college planning and other important life’s milestones. Coaching allows Shannon to support her clients in nonfinancial but equally important ways around common issues such as addiction, life transitions, difficult family relationships, second marriages and blended families.

Shannon earned dual B.S degrees in Business Administration and Business Management from University of Phoenix in Sacramento. Shannon has served as president of the non-profit organization Visions for Teens at Risk. She enjoys on-going personal development, Spartan races and spending time with her children and husband.