Gratitude – It’s Not Just For Thanksgiving Anymore

On Thursday, I sat with my extended family and friends and all 15 of us (ages 5 to 77) , adults and children alike, went around the table and said what we were grateful for.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love being with family.  I love the weather and the food.  Most of all, I love that Thanksgiving is the time when most people consider what they have to be grateful for.  What does it do for you when you consider all you have to be grateful for?  For many people, being grateful is more than just a “feel good” exercise.  There are so many different things in our lives to notice and to focus on.  What we focus on is a choice, but often one we make unconsciously.

The more that we focus on the negative, the more that we see of the negative and the more we look for the negative.  Being grateful forces us to look for and to see those things that are working in our lives.  The more you see what is working, the more that you will move toward what is working and generate more of the same.  The better you will feel; the more energy you will have.

In the end, you will move purposefully in the direction of what you want.

It’s not just about feeling better (though feeling better will help you be more productive).  It is about actively seeing what is productive and balanced and in alignment with your goals, and therefore, moving in that direction.  As with anything, you have to try it to know.  And not just on Thanksgiving.