About Us

Cami McLarenCami McLaren coaches attorneys and other professionals to create new ways to operate in their business. As an attorney who practiced law for 16 years, she is passionate about assisting other attorneys to create lives that are productive, balanced and fulfilling. Her fundamental belief is that practicing law does not have to be “hard.”

Cami has worked in top law firms, and one-on-one with attorneys and other professionals to help them create enriching, productive practices and lives. She works with professionals to improve communication skills, create more effective and positive relationships and to improve time management skills and productivity.

Cami owns McLaren Coaching. Our coaching derives from the principal that small changes can make big differences. Working from this philosophy, Cami partners with professionals to assist them in discovering their resources, brainstorming and developing their own answers, and empowering themselves to create and attain what they want.

Cami presents workshops on topics such as communication, trust, accountability and time management. She has presented to law firms, County bar associations, and the Annual California State Bar Conference. She has written articles for a northern California legal magazine, Plaintiff, and for the California Lawyer, on issues that arise in law practices. Her book, Coaching for Attorneys: Improving Productivity and Achieving Balance, published by the American Bar Association in January 2014.

Cami is a certified performance coach, relationship coach, leadership coach and NLP practitioner. She is the owner of McLaren Coaching and can be found on the web at www.mclarencoaching.com. Go to her website to access published articles, testimonials and more.