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28 Jun

Breathe and Stay

(Yet another blog about spin class and life.) Coaching is coaching. Business coaches are modeled on sports coaches and there is a reason for that. I get much of my inspiration from sports coaches because their goal is the same as my goal. A good coach in either field will: 1. Listen for what you

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15 Jun

What is the Game You Are Playing?

To become credentialed as a coach, I went through a fairly intensive program with a great trainer and company, Source Point Training Co. About half way through the program, my mentor/trainer, Barbara Fagan, said to us “It’s time to evaluate your participation.”  There was no grading in this program and no discernable measurements being used

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02 Jun

What Are You Meant to Do?

I am taking a break from all the brilliant blog posts from my clients, family, and friends.   I recently found a quote in the book The Art of Possibility, Zander, and I wanted to share it with you. This is in the chapter on “Leading from Passion.” It is about how to connect to passion.

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28 Oct

How to REALLY Get What You Say You Want

Goal vs. Commitment I was working with a client the other day on the promises she had made herself for the week.  One promise was to make 10 sales calls to potential customers.  When I asked if she had done it, she was pretty excited.  She said, “I made 8!” I said, “That’s great.  You

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13 Sep

The Meaning of Commitment

What is “Commitment”? The way I was trained as a coach, the concept of “relationship” is described as having 3 basic pillars.  Our relationships are only as strong as each of these pillars.  When I use “relationship” in this context, I mean any interaction with any other person.  It might be a spouse or a

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