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07 Jun

Want Their Buy-In? Ask Questions!

More on the skill of enrollment: John Smith is an attorney. He meets George at a business mixer. George has some legal issues that John believes he can help with so they set a meeting. (While I use the attorney example, these principles apply for whatever business you are in.) The first pre-meeting question John

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01 Jun

But First, the Rapport

If you want something – anything – that involves another person (and when does it not?), you will need to engage in some level of enrollment.  See last week’s blog for the definition of “enrollment.”  ( We use the tool of enrollment every day. Sometimes we use it successfully; sometimes not so much. Often others

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15 May

Enrollment – The Art of Collaborative Communication

  “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” ~Dwight D. Eisenhower Over the next month, I am going to re-publish some of my older works on enrollment, leading up to my enrollment workshop on June 19 (below). Then I will resume our

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30 Mar

Persuasive Communication – First Understand Their REALITY

Last night, I had a great meeting with several attorneys in Sacramento. We were discussing “Persuasive Communication: Getting others to do what you want them to do, because they want to.” I was teaching a tool I call “enrollment” and a model of enrollment called “REALITY.” I learned a lot from these attorneys last night

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15 Dec

Getting to Yes! (Enrollment Part VIII)

The Art of Enrollment, Part VIII – Yes! This month, I am wrapping up my 2013 series on the Art of Enrollment. We have spent this entire year discussing enrollment so you must be very good at it by now! Today I will explain step #7, “Yes!” from my REALITY model of enrollment. Of course

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24 Oct

Are you Speaking Your Customers’ Language? (Enrollment, Part VII – Teach)

Survey! In preparing for our 2014 series of newsletters, McLaren Coaching would like you to take a quick (2 question) survey to assist us in providing the best content for you. Just click on this link (or paste into your computer’s browser):AECXA3S8ZEWK Now, October’s enrollment installment: The Art of Enrollment, Part VII – Teach

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20 Oct

The Easiest Way to Find the Solution to Any Problem

  Often attorneys and managers have similar characteristics.  For one thing both groups, which overlap to a great extent in law firms, tend to spend a lot of time figuring things out on their own.  I am not sure why this is.  I think both groups, believing they have been hired for their talent, fear

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10 Oct

Enrollment is Everywhere

We use the tool of enrollment every day.  Sometimes we use it successfully; sometimes not so much.  Often others enroll us instead.  We are always enrolling or being enrolled. Last night, I was watching my current favorite show – Friday Night Lights.  Tammy Taylor (for the uninitiated, she is a guidance counselor who was then

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05 Oct

Tell Me What’s Going On

Pamela Jones is an estate planning attorney.  She took my Enrollment & Accountability class and shares here how she uses the skill we have been writing about to truly gain understanding of a client’s desires and needs, so she can enroll that person in the service that is right for her.  Check out Pam’s website

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26 Sep

Enrollment – Moving Forward Together

Another participant in my Enrollment & Accountability series, Ed Lewis, owner of MSE Plumbing, writes about enrolling his wife in the idea that things would work out after financial setbacks.  This is a great illustration that we are enrolling people all the time.  In this blog post, Ed describes a simple enrollment – one in

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19 Sep

Reverse Enrollment

I have invited clients who have participated in my Accountability and Enrollment classes to share their examples of enrollment so you can gain a different perspective.  Here is a guest blog from a former client of mine, Sharon Holbrook, who owns Cybertary Elk Grove, a Virtual Assistant business.  (  She is also my own Virtual

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16 Sep

Enrollment, Part VI, Internalize – Do you Have What this Person Needs?

The Art of Enrollment, Part VI – Internalize Continuing our 2013 series on the Art of Enrollment, today we discuss step #5, Internalize.  You will remember that “enrollment” is a way of supporting another person by offering a product, a service, or simply a solution; a way of communicating with another person that inspires them

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05 Sep

Enrollment, Part VI, Internalize

Book update:  The new title of my ABA published book is Coaching for Attorneys:  Increasing Productivity and Achieving Balance.  Release date will be in December 2013.  Scroll down for testimonials.XZBHVRHBT3A7 Email me to reserve a copy.  While I wrote this book for lawyers, setting out the tools I utilize in coaching individual attorneys, the book

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29 Aug

Listen to “Problems”

I have a client who is the General Manager for a mid-sized corporation.  Her direct reports are 15 division managers.  We were talking about how best to run her manager meetings.  During the conversation, she noted that her managers seem to want to make her happy.  As a result, in meetings, the conversations do not

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21 Aug

Reflective Listening – Dealing with Anger

What do you do when dealing with someone who is angry?  Anger is an emotion that we usually don’t want to deal with and when we see it in others, we typically tend to avoid it.  Realistically however, anger, or its relatives (frustration and annoyance) will show up.  Whether in our families or at work,

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14 Aug

Listening to Children can Help with Adults

One of my favorite examples of enrollment is with children.  There are many different parenting styles.  Some are based on pressure, threat or cajoling.  Some on rewards.  All are effective in different ways.  I find the most effective though to be based on some type of enrollment – that is, talking to the child and

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07 Aug

Receiving Feedback

  In our current ongoing conversation about listening skills, I wanted to talk about feedback.  We have been discussing listening in the context of enrollment.  Our goal is to “enroll” others to join us in what we want – for them to be a new client, or continue as a satisfied client, to buy our

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31 Jul

Listen and Hear

As we learn more about listening, in the context of enrollment, we must make the distinction between listening and hearing. What is the difference between “listening” and “hearing”? Webster’s defines “hear” as “perceive by means of he ear”; also “to be capable of perceiving sound.”  “Hearing” – “the sense by which sound is perceived.”  As

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24 Jul

Listening – Complaints

As we are studying listening skills in the context of enrollment, I wanted to talk about a common business concern – customer complaints.   In any business, there will be complaints.  I work a lot with small business owners and among those who seem to get the most complaints are service providers, such as plumbers

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17 Jul

Sell without “Selling,” Part V – Listen

Before our fifth installment in the Art of Enrollment series, I want to make an exciting announcement:  Later this year my new book, The Integrated Lawyer:  Coaching that Brings  Excellence to your Practice and Balance to Your Life, will be released.  It is being published by the American Bar Association.7PK7M66V3CC5 Email me to reserve a

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