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02 Jul

Changing Other People

We all know that we can’t change other people. Right? And it is true. Ultimately. But you can affect so much more change than you think you can. Consider this quote: “The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.” Johann Wolfgang von

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18 Apr

The Three Pillars of Relationship – and Why You Should Care

Some of you reading the “R” word will wonder why I address this as a business coach.  The better question is how could I not?  There is virtually nowhere that we operate in life and business that a relationship with another human does not come into play.  Indeed, there is very little we want in

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03 Feb

Working on “Relationships”

Why Work on “Relationships”? We are always in relationship with someone, whether it is our co-workers, bosses, children, or neighbors. Most everything we do and have is based in some way on a relationship — even if that is the relationship we have with ourselves.  “Relationships” are not just with “significant others.”  They are with

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