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07 Mar

The Second Arrow

In Buddhist philosophy pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. I have seen, coaching 100’s of people over the years, how this applies. Something happens – some failure, some event you don’t want and it causes “pain” – I don’t like it, I don’t want it, I wanted to get a different result. In coaching,

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23 Aug

The Voice, In Sum

“Change the voices in your head Make them like you instead.” –Pink, from “F**king Perfect” For the last couple months, I have been writing on this interesting topic.  I could write so much more, but let’s stop here and summarize what we have learned: The Voice in your head No matter what you want, in

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03 Aug

My Eeyore Voice (The Voice, Part 8)

by Allison Post Harris What Cami calls “The Voice”—cue the vampire music—other people have labeled “gremlin” or “saboteur.” Regardless of what you call it, this Voice has always been there for me when I least needed it. Before I divorced my ex-husband, my Voice said “you should stay married for your toddlers. You should be

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12 Jul

Jump in. Get Messy. (The Voice, Part 7)

The Voice. That stupid, wrong, incessant Voice. The one that tells me I’m not good enough, or smart enough, or talented enough. The one that tells me I’m not enough of this and I’m too much of that. I can never win with that one. And, the thing is, she’s wrong. She’s always wrong. I

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05 Jul

The Persistent Nature of That Sabotaging Voice (The Voice, Part 6)

Another blog post from my favorite writer, comfort zone stretcher and personal growth guru–my mom! CELEBRATING 79 AND MY “LITTLE VOICE” I guess I always thought my little voice would disappear as I got older. Not so! I’m here to tell you that at age 79, my little voice is alive and well and LOUD!

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27 Jun

“Not Very Smart” (The Voice, Part 5)

Yesterday, I returned from a week on Maui. I walked on the beach with my mom every morning and we talked about the Voice. We talked about where it comes from and what it says. I told her I learned that my voice likes to say, “That was stupid.” Or “that is stupid.” Or “that’s

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12 Jun

Does it Motivate You? (The Voice, Part 4)

We have been talking about the negative and mean voice that you have inside your head. The one that says, “You are not ___.” “You cannot ____.” “You have to do more or you will lose your job.” “You have to lose weight or people won’t like you.” I believe all behavior has a purpose

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07 Jun

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable (The Voice, Part 3)

Everything you want, that you do not already have, is outside your comfort zone. How do I know? Because if it was comfortable, you would have it already. I want to lose weight I want better communication with my spouse I want to quit my job I want a raise I want to have a

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24 May

The Ways We Sabotage Ourselves (The Voice, Part 2)

I wrote last week about that sabotaging voice inside your head. I attached a blog post by Cheryl Strayed (Dear Sugar) about a woman who was afraid she would get cancer because her parents had cancer. The story in her head was so clear that she decided not to have children because she did not want

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22 Jun

Surprise Yourself!

I came across this video because I was impressed with Meghan Trainor’s song about body image and types in girls and women (All About That Bass) and wanted to learn more about her. This video is impactful for me for a couple of reasons. The first thing I saw was that she, like all of

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08 Jun

What Stops You?

Here is a topic I talk to my all of my clients about. And yes, this is business coaching. This is a secret known to coaches and others who work with people who want to accomplish something. When we want to accomplish something – in business or elsewhere – we often get stopped or stuck.

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