Leadership Book Study

What is Leadership?

A Book Study Series Facilitated by Certified Professional Coach Cami McLaren


“I settled on a game called I am a contribution. Unlike success and failure, contribution has no other side. It is not arrived at by comparison.”
― Benjamin Zander

the-artofpossibility-199x300Please join Cami McLaren, Certified Professional Coach and an author herself, in learning about the tools used in The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life, Zander & Zander.

The following questions will be explored in our journey:

  • What is leadership?
  • What changes when I become a leader in my business?
  • What changes when I take the lead in all areas of my life?
  • What are the tools of leadership?

This book study contains elements of coaching, teaching, discussion and accountability with specific structure and actions steps so that you will leave with:

  • An understanding of the Zander tools, and where and how to use them to be an effective leader
  • Specific action steps to be the leader you want to be

Find YOUR Possibilities by Joining this Motivating Series

  • Classes are held on alternating Tuesdays:
    • May 10
    • May 24
    • June 7
    • June 21
    • July 12
    • July 26
  • Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Location:

Sierra 2 Center
2791 24th Street, Room 10
Sacramento, CA 95818

  • Cost: $350

For my recent blog post on the concepts of Leadership and Possibility, please click this link: http://www.mclarencoaching.com/on-leadership-and-possibility/

Contact Cami for more information and to register ~ Seating is limited ~


I have taken two classes with Cami and I can attest that each class changed how I practice law, organize my day, and interact with clients, coworkers and family for the better. Cami helps you realize where you are in your life for that particular area of focus (eg.: communication style, time-management), helps you set goals as to where you want to be, and then gives you the tools to get there. Her classes are enjoyable and the classes are game-changers. I have been challenged to take on and really “own” my goals and –very important—I have moved forward in amazing ways as a result. If you can take the time to make your life head in a meaningful direction-sign up for her class. If you can’t take the time, then you really need to take one of her classes.

L. Karen Harrison
Commission Counsel
Fair Political Practices Commission

I am an attorney with 27 years experience – I am a Certified Specialist in Family Law and mediator with a busy practice in California and Nevada. I made the time to attend four of Cami’s book studies and all of them have made a huge impact on my practice and my life. Cami’s book studies, like her coaching, are incredibly effective in getting you to focus on Important issues that tend to get ignored, as if unimportant. But these are the crucial, focused topics that make you look at the basic tenants in your practice where you can seriously improve, make a difference and live up to your dreams. Some of the work is hard, but, like everything that is worthwhile in life, you get out of these seminars what you put in. The work involves working with and getting to know other successful professionals whose views and experiences just add to your learning experience. Most importantly, these studies help you to open up to topics that give you insight and make your personal life more rich. I have seen the results not just in my life but many other participants and I whole heartedly recommend working with Cami, both as a coach and mentor in these book studies.

Lisa Marie Fraas, Esq.
Mediator and Certified Family Law Specialist

I have participated in several different trainings and book studies with McLaren Coaching. The book study series (Coaching for Attorneys) has allowed me to take the time for myself and find out exactly what I want out of my life and my career. I am able to manage my time better, I know the types of clients I want to accept, I am much better at keeping my commitments, and I have less stress. My time is precious, but the time spent in the book study has absolutely been worth the commitment. I have also learned so many valuable skills that have helped me become a better attorney and better person.

Ali Goff, Law Office of Alexandria Goff

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit. – e.e. cummings

As a young paralegal navigating through the legal profession, few things have empowered, inspired and focused me more than Cami McLaren’s coaching book studies. I have completed two of Cami’s book studies and I’m currently participating in my third. I knew nothing of coaching prior to being introduced to Cami and I had no idea what I was missing. I always considered myself to be in control of my destiny and in touch with my deepest desires, thoughts and dreams. I truly had no idea who I really was – the depth of my being – and Cami’s book studies showed me how to get in touch with the real me, how to grow and how to be continually curious. To say that Cami’s book studies are transformative would be an understatement. The book study process has aided me in a profound exercise in self-discovery while simultaneously connecting me with so many other people in my profession. The accountability partner relationship that is cultivated through Cami’s book studies is invaluable and one that I had never had in my life in the past. Cami’s book, Coaching for Attorneys, serves as a guide to tackling so many different, complex situations that anyone in the legal profession, or any other profession, can use. I love the routine and methodology of reading the applicable chapters in the book, discussing them and going further than the book in class, developing real-life applications, taking action on those applications and then having accountability partners to motivate me to stick with my actions. Never before has a process been so challenging while also achievable. Cami’s book studies set you up for success, as long as you make the commitment to embrace the lessons and allow yourself to be coached. My confidence level has skyrocketed, I feel secure and powerful in the decisions that I make and I can finally articulate my purpose, not just in this profession but in my life overall.

Keri Heaton, Duggan Law Corp

Cami invited me to participate in her values-based living book study several months ago, when I had begun questioning the direction of my life path. During the preceding three years, I moved twice, divorced my husband of nearly 11 years, and changed jobs twice. As an attorney and mother of two young children, my life was already in constant motion. I made all decisions quickly, in the moment. My own well-being rarely drove my daily decisions, and I felt as if I was steadily letting go of critical elements of my authentic self. Aware that this reactive approach to my personal and professional life would have deleterious impacts in the long term, I read Cami’s book and determined to work with her to establish more balance in my life.

Cami’s book study has started me down this path. By focusing on a specific aspect of self-improvement covered in a couple chapters of her book, Cami helps participants achieve meaningful, sustainable change. In the values study, we have identified our values and engaged in active introspection to determine whether we have been living in accordance with them. Each of us has discovered at least a few neglected values that require attention in order for us to regain balance in our personal and professional lives. Cami reminds us that we will not achieve the change we want unless we put in the work. On the weeks between the book study group meetings, each participant meets with two other participants who hold each other accountable for achieving the commitments each person has set for herself that week. Having an accountability triad has incentivized me to complete the book’s activities and make more profound changes than I would have on my own. An additional bonus is that I have made some new friends.