Q: How can I learn whether coaching is right for me?

A: Call or e-mail Cami for a complimentary 30 – 45 minute coaching session.

Q: How can I check out Cami’s qualifications?

A: Go to the http://www.sourcepointtraining.com/coach-training/the-source-institute/ website and look at what the Quantum Coaching Academy entails. Call or e-mail Cami for phone numbers of former clients. See “testimonials” on this website.

Q: Do I need to live in Sacramento to receive coaching from you?

A: No. Coaching is designed to be effective done either in person or over the telephone.

Q: Is coaching the same as therapy?

A: No. Typically, therapy focuses on past events and resolving past issues. It is generally focused on what has happened in the client’s past. Coaching, on the other hand, is future-oriented. It focuses on setting goals, meeting goals, and becoming conscious of what keeps us from meeting our goals, so we can overcome those barriers and move forward.

Q: What is my coach’s responsibility?

A: Your coach is a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and follows the ICF code of ethics. When you hire your coach, you will be given a copy of the code of ethics. Additionally, you can go to the ICF website and look at the code of ethics now – www.coachfederation.org. Most importantly you can count on your coach to be honest, compassionate and confidential.

Q: What is involved in coaching?

A: You and your coach will have weekly 50 – 60 minute sessions, either in person or on the phone. You and your coach will create a coaching plan that sets out what you intend to create during your coaching relationship. You will set goals each week and work on co-created assignments during the week that are designed to move you toward your goals and to increase your awareness of what may be holding you back from achieving your goals. Your coach will offer you empowering resources designed to assist you in seeing new and different options and possibilities in your life. You and your coach will co-create practices designed to create awareness of what works and does not work in your life and to assist you in changing non-working behaviors and beliefs.

Q: What is ontological quantum coaching?

A: Being with human beings in a way that creates sudden and significant shifts of the greatest magnitude by coaching ways of being, practices that create results, and are in alignment with purpose and vision.