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Services for Attorneys

1. Individual Coaching – A process for individual attorneys to move toward a specific outcome through weekly one-on-one phone calls with Cami. For example, following are real examples of outcomes Cami’s clients have engaged her to work on:

  • Increased income
  • Increased client base/rainmaking
  • Transitioning to a different practice area
  • Improved communication with clients, and staff
  • Sole practitioners beginning and/or growing their practice
  • Managing partners becoming better managers
  • Reducing stress
  • Better time management
  • Improved life balance

The process: We will start with a three-month commitment. Cami and the attorney work together to co-create a Coaching Plan that contains 4 – 6 outcomes that the attorney wants to generate within the three month period. Many attorneys continue beyond the first three months. Every three months you have the chance to create a new Coaching Plan that represents the next step in your development. The design of coaching is to work with attorneys on an ongoing basis for a period of time so that they can learn and internalize tools and new practices that they can then use as they go forward post-coaching.

2. Group Coaching – You will either develop a group from within your firm, or join an already-developed group that Cami is coaching. A group has a common broad purpose, such as improving their practice of law. Then the group is coached to their specific individual outcomes, such as those listed above under Individual Coaching. The group process is useful because you have the benefit of a coach leader, but also of the group’s experiences and wisdom to draw on. Group coaching is very collaborative and is less expensive than individual coaching. Group coaching starts with a commitment of 3 or 4 months and its purpose is to work on particular specific outcomes desired by the group. Many groups continue far beyond the initial 3 or 4 month period.

3. Team Coaching for Law Firms

The purpose of team coaching is to have all members of the law firm “on the same page” regarding a particular tool; and to offer coaching and support to assist the individual members of the firm in changing their particular practices and behaviors so that they experience greater ease and less stress in their practices.
The outcomes of the training will include common understanding of particular tools; ability to apply particular tools to the specific firm dynamics and/or the particular individual attorneys’ situations; all participants have identified some action steps to take in order to improve those practices that do not work; common language about use of the tool; and a plan for moving forward together as a team.

The program begins with a one and one-half hour presentation on a particular tool, by Cami. It then follows with individual coaching on the implementation and internalization of these time management techniques into the specific practices of the individual participants. Participants have the option to sign up for 1 hour of coaching with Cami, or more. Team coaching is designed to teach a particular tool and assist members in integrating that tool into the practice. Team coaching continues for a shorter period of time than Group Coaching.

Topics of Team Coaching:

  1. Time management in the law firm.
  2. Communication skills for attorneys.
  3. How to build trust in the legal community – with clients, the court, staff and co-counsel.
  4. How to generate and build a greater level of accountability in your firm.
  5. We can develop a program that fits with your particular needs.