Topics for Law Firms and Bar Associations*



1. Time Management for Attorneys – Work Smarter, not Harder

Length – 1.5 – 3 hours.

Content – This seminar includes specific tools Cami uses in coaching attorneys to be more productive and improve their use of time. She teaches attorneys to use these tools and work smarter rather than harder. She offers a “paradigm shift” – a different way of viewing time and time management and specific changes that attorneys can implement right away to improve the way they use their time, to ease stress and to increase productivity.

2. Communication and Accountability – Stronger Relationships, Better Results

Length – 1.5 – 2 hours.

Content – This seminar includes two basic tools for attorneys.

Accountability: The first tool covers the use of accountability and specifically accountable language, attitude and practices in order to assist attorneys to take ownership and responsibility for their actions in order to manifest the results they want. Participants will learn that accountability is empowering and enables them to make change in their firms, practices and lives. While it is sometimes challenging at first to stop pointing the finger at others, or at circumstances, when attorneys learn to ask where they can change their own behavior, they see their results increase dramatically, and frustration go down. This seminar includes the opportunity to practice using accountable language and experience what it feels like to speak this way and what it evokes in the person listening.

Communication: The second tools taught in this seminar are listening tools, specifically “reflective” or empathic listening. Listening is the most important part of communication. As attorneys, we are taught more to argue, convince and get our point across. But attorneys find they are more effective when they begin to truly listen – to what their clients are saying, judges are saying and even to what opposing counsel are saying. This seminar includes practices where the participants have the opportunity to work with one another to begin learning specific listening skills.

This seminar can be split into either accountability or communication only.

3. Values-Based Living for Lawyers

Length – 1 – 1.5 hours.

Content – This seminar teaches lawyers about the concept of values and values-based decision-making. We will discuss how knowing your specific values and making decisions based on those values can make practicing law a lot easier. The seminar contains specific tools on discovering values. In the longer version of the seminar we will actually use some of these tools to begin to discover the attorneys’ values.

The seminar can be expanded in time and in the longer version, we will also have an interactive discussion of values and how to apply them to our practice.

4. Building Trust in the Legal Community

Length – 1 – 1.5 hours.

Content – This seminar lays out the trust problems in the legal community and involves discussion of the prices we pay for having lack of trust with clients, opposing counsel, and the public. It examines what will be gained if attorneys increase their level of trust and trustworthiness and contains specific practices lawyers can employ to build trust.

*Note that all seminars can be expanded or contracted to fit the allotted time. Additionally all seminars include 1/2 hour of complimentary coaching for each participant. Cami also designs talks for firms and bar associations based on their specific needs.