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What is the Value of Values?

In 2015, McLaren Coaching began conducting 6-session book study series.  In each series, we study two chapters from the book Coaching for Attorneys, McLaren & Finelli.  (  The series’ have been very well-received and well-attended.

Starting January 26, 2016, we will be studying values-based living for lawyers (chapter 5) and self-maintenance – also for lawyers.  🙂 (chapter 6).

1.  Values.  A topic most people never consciously consider.  But you have values.  Do you know what they are?  How do you know if you are honoring them?  What would happen if you knew your values and you lived and practiced in alignment with them?  You might get more of the right things done.  You might feel better about your choices.  You might be more productive and have more energy.

You will leave this class with a list of your values, definitions and a plan to live your values-based life as a lawyer.

2.  Self-Maintenance.  This topic covers self-care, in a comprehensive manner.  In this chapter we will look at why lawyers need to take care of themselves, but also how – how do we care for ourselves?  How do we not?  What are the insidious ways that, even if we recognize the need for balance, we throw ourselves out of balance?  We will look at physical maintenance, emotional maintenance and mental maintenance.  As with a vehicle, what is needed to keep the lawyer running in top shape?  What are the prices we pay when we are not operating in top shape?  There will be self-awareness exercises to help you see where you are and are not caring for yourself, as well as a plethora of examples and ideas and practices to better care for yourself – both from the book and from your fellow classmates.

The outcome in studying both of these chapters is of course BALANCE.  When you live your values, and when you learn all the ways you can, and need to (based on your own personal needs) take care of your physical/mental/emotional self, you will come into a greater level of balance – balancing your career life and personal life, bringing all of your life into a place where everything supports everything else and you are not feeling that one part of your life gets all of the attention to the exclusion of the rest.


We will meet on Tuesday nights from 5:30 – 7:30pm.  Location will be downtown (TBA).  Dates are as follows:

  • Jan. 26
  • Feb. 9
  • Feb. 23
  • March 8
  • March 22
  • April 5

The price is $350 for the full series.

Please email Cami your interest –  It is $150 to reserve your spot.

We are filling up quickly so respond today!

“I have attended three of Cami’s book studies and found each of them invaluable in different ways.  I have made significant changes in my practice and personal life – from time management, to finding and living my purpose, to taking better care of myself.  Without taking the time to do the book studies I simply would not have made the time to apply the tools and homework from Cami’s book on my own.  As a direct result of working with Cami I have achieved a work-life balance I did not think was possible before.”

– Jen Duggan (Duggan Law Corp)