Secret to Success Number One! Find Your Best Friend

Secret to Success Number 1 – Get an Accountability Partner

There are so many “secrets to success.”  But I am going to call this secret number one!  Why? Because if you get yourself an accountability partner and you create a true accountability relationship, you will also be living many other secrets.  Secrets like:

  • Figure out what you want specifically
  • Figure out when you want it
  • Tell people
  • Work on it every day


To be in an accountability partnership, you will do all these things.  It is my strong recommendation that you seek out a partner.  Someone who will take a stand for you.  Someone you can stand for too.  Below are the pillars of a great accountability partnership:

  1. Choose a truth-teller. Be a truth-teller.
  2. Know the purpose and outcome for your relationship. For each of you.  And for the partnership itself.
  3. Tell them what you want. Ask them what they want.
  4. Give them explicit permission to push you. Get explicit permission to push them.
  5. Explain to them how you might snow them, bamboozle them, pull the wool over their eyes. Ask for the same information from them.


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