What do you REALLY want?

People come to coaching for a variety of reasons:

*make more money

*get more clients

*learn to communicate better

*have better relationships with children or staff

*lose weight

*and on and on


What is your current goal?

The question we always ask our clients is why do you want that?  And they will say “I want more money so I can pay my bills and go on vacation.”  Why do you want that?  “So I can feel security and freedom; connect with my family; have fun.”  And that’s it.  Do you really want the money?  Sure.  But also, and on a deeper level you want a sense of security and freedom, connection and fun.

It is very valuable to know what is driving your desires.  When you set a goal ask yourself, what will that get me?  It is worthwhile to work on not only making more money, but also to start looking at what gets you that internal sense of security and freedom.  In that way you can take action toward the money AND you can work on the internal states or experiences you want.

Some people love setting and meeting goals.  Some get tired of it.  Some say, “Is this all there is to life?  Setting goals?”  The underlying experience that you want, though, from meeting those goals (you could call it your “purpose”) is the bigger thing you want.  So it might not just be about the thing you want to HAVE.  It may be about the experience you want to have or the person you want to BE.

So for this week, with everything you want, ask yourself WHY do I want this?  What will it get me?  This will support you with your motivation toward the goal.  And it will give you something else to consider – life fulfillment and why we want what we say we want.