Coaching is Useful for:


  • Improving communication
  • Gaining control over your work life
  • Being more productive and managing time well
  • Gaining energy, reducing stress
  • Setting boundaries and prioritizing in a way that allows maximum productivity
  • Setting and achieving goals

The Benefits of Coaching Are:

  • Improved communication in work and personal relationships
  • Clarity on what you want in your professional life and specific steps toward achievement
  • Making values-based decisions and setting meaningful priorities
  • Achieving a sense of balance between work and personal life
  • Accountability for your choices, leading to realization of the control you have in all areas of life
  • Determining the next level in work and personal life and achieving it

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Upcoming Classes for 2019

All Seminars led by Coach & Author Cami McLaren

Discover the Secrets of Effective Communication

Ever feel like other people are “speaking Greek”?

Do other people misunderstand YOU?

What would change if you learned to communicate effectively with different kinds of peo-ple? Would that affect your ability to manage well? Bring in new Clients? Communicate better in your family?

Join Cami McLaren in this upcoming seminar that will teach you how!

  • Learn the 4 basic communication styles: Driver, Analytical, Amiable & Expressive
  • Learn and use your own style and how to determine the styles of others
  • Learn the best & most effective ways to communicate with all different styles
  • Brainstorming specific ways to bring accountability to your organization
  • Learn the strengths and challenges of each style

    Date: September 24, 2019, Tuesday

    Location: Sierra 2, Room 10, 2791 24th St., Sacramento

    Time: 9am-12pm (Registration at 8:30am)

    Cost Per Class: $139/person

    Discount: $5 off/person for 2 or more from same company

    Early Bird Price: $100/person if registered by July 1

    (Same company discount not applicable)

    To register:



    Transformative Coaching Essentials

    What is a Professional Coach?

    The designation of “Professional Coach” means you have met the McLaren Coaching criteria of skills and ways of being a professional coach. Many people take coaching into different disciplines and so the designation is flexible. For example, you might be a Professional Business Coach, a Professional Health Coach, or a Professional Finance Coach.

    What are the skills and ways of being a professional coach?

    Skills are numerous. We teach the ICF (International Coach Federation) Core Competencies (, and much more. We teach NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), listening skills, and the skills of supporting people in moving forward in their lives; in getting what they most want to have.

    “Ways of being” is less specific than “skills” and is the most essential piece in becoming a professional coach. A way of being is a presence, a place to start, how people experience you, your level of openness and accessibility, your ability to meet people where they are and stand in that place with them. This is what supports people in moving forward. This is also an important distinction in our training.

    What “kind” of coach training is this?

    We teach results-based coaching. This means we coach to the end goal of getting what your clients really want. We coach commitment. The feedback we receive is that we are straightforward and effective in supporting people in creating tangible and specific results, whether those be business results, financial results, relationship results, health results, or anything else.

    Results of Coach Training

    • You will be certified as a Professional Coach by McLaren Coaching.
    • You will have, among other things:
      • the skill sets of coaching;
      • the ground of BEING a professional coach;
      • substantial experience coaching intern clients;
      • substantial real-time specific and usable feedback on your coaching;
      • the experience of coaching others in the training;
      • a structure for “how” to coach, as in Intake Forms, Coaching Plan creation, Prep forms, Debrief forms and other logistical matters;
      • knowledge of and competency in, the ICF Core Competencies for coaching;
      • experience in enrolling clients (see c., above); and
      • so much more!


    The Training: 1 Saturday per month – full days. Time may vary, but plan on 8am – 6pm.


    • January 26
    • March 2
    • March 23
    • April 27
    • May 25
    • June 22
    • July 20
    • August 17
    • September 14
    • October 12
    • November 9
    • December 14/15

    Training will take place in Sacramento.

    See for more information

    To register, email


    Past Classes from 2018

    June 19, 2018

    The Art of Collaborative Communication


    January 17, 2018

    How to Make 2018 the Best Year of Your Career

    Past Classes from 2017

    January 17, 2017 (Tuesday) 9am - 11am

    Goal Setting: How to Make 2017 Your Best Year

    April 26, 2017 (Wednesday) 9am - 11am

    What Have You Been Doing All Day? Learn to Manage Time for Greater Results

    July 25, 2017 (Tuesday) 8:30am - 12 noon

    Discover the Secrets of Effective Communication

    October 24, 2017 (Tuesday) 8:30am - 12 noon

    Communication 101: Nuts & Bolts of Listening, Speaking & Understanding

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    Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

    • Our office retained Cami McLaren a a Performance Coach for several of our lawyers. We have also hired her to give seminars to our staff members. Cami has performed above and beyond expectations with assisting the lawyers in areas of time management, work performance, and relationship building. Since she is a lawyer, she understands the pressures of the career. She also understands how important it is to balance the work place and home/family life. I would recommend her services to any law fim interested in improving their lawyers’ productivity. Cami’s seminars are thought-provoking and my staff has begged me to continue to have her as a speaker. Relationships in the work place are extremely important and Cami puts all the important qualities in perspective. We are very fortunate to have found her services and will continue to use her services for years to come.
      Susan Artenstein, Office Administrator, Arnold Law Firm
    • Before Cami, I thought I knew something about how to work effectively, but she has opened my eyes to a larger world of accountability and effectiveness. We began with learning a vocabulary. The vocabulary turned to vision. Cami helped me institute a plan of action for that vision and then work the plan. My work with her has returned many dividends in my personal and professional life, and I am grateful to Cami for her persistence and patience in teaching me to guide myself. Robert Sallander, Managing Partner Greenan, Sallander, Peffer and Lally, LLP San Ramon, CA
      Robert Sallander, Managing Partner - Greenan, Sallander, Peffer and Lally, LLP
    • I just finished Cami’s 10 week course for small business owners and it was fabulous—exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level. As a stay at home mother of two small boys, often times my business does not get the attention it needs in order to thrive. I started this class feeling limited and overwhelmed with the daily demands of running a business and raising a family. Cami helped me recognize the many barriers that get in the way of my success and gave me the tools to overcome them. In addition, Cami helped to show me that with proper time management and organization, it is more than possible to optimize both my time as a successful business owner and mother. Upon completion of the final class session, I felt empowered, inspired, excited and ready to take charge of my business. One of the best things about the accountability model that Cami teaches is that it overflowed into all areas of my life—having positively influenced my business as well as my personal relationships. If you are ready to move your business to the next level, Cami is the perfect person to assist you! Success will require an open mind, determination, discipline and courage, but like all good things in life, it is well worth the work.
      Jenny Woods, Owner Live Forever Couture, maker of original baby clothes
    • Unique and powerful class. I recommend the accountability and enrollment class to anyone who works with clients or customers or manages employees. This class helped me with all of my relationships, not just business relationships. The communication and time management sessions were particularly helpful to me. Holding the class in a 10-week format reinforced concepts and allowed me to really learn and use the tools that Cami provided. Even though each session was only 1.5 hours, I took away something important and useful from each class. Cami brought a diverse group of people together for the class, from different professions and different perspectives. I learned something from everyone there. I carry my class notebook around with me to keep the great information and tools at my fingertips. The class helped me to move myself and my business forward, and I thank Cami for that gift.
      Pam Jones, Attorney at Law

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